Children & baby reflexology

As I stated in the 'About me' session of my website I was formerly a teacher for 11years and 8 years was spent teaching children with special needs. I am also a mum to two beautiful daughters ages 5 and 7 years old, so I have plenty of experience and have a lot of understanding of working with a range of babies and children. 

I am able deliver a reflexology treatment to your child (up to 18yrs old) or baby for up to 30mins. They may be most comfortable sitting on your knee, having a cuddle with you on the bed or simply cuddling up with a warm blanket and their favourite toy. I am very adaptable and have a good understanding that every child is different and I like to work within their comfort zone. 

I would encourage you to bring a long some favourite toys to initially distract them, however I have a full range of songs I sing with the children to keep them entertained. Or I can be quiet and allow the child to fully relax and switch off from everything. I work and you and your child / babies needs.

The Children's reflexology Programme (teaching sessions)

The Children's Reflexology Programme offers parents and carers the opportunity to easily learn enough reflexology to give basic treatments to their families. It is a special medicine cabinet for all your family that is completely non-invasive, that no-one can overdose on, that will bring you all together with love and respect through touch and bonding, and most importantly empowers both parent/carer and child. Win, win all round!

The sessions are filled with fun activities, using a collection of delightful rhymes, animals to engage children and teach the simple reflexology. The programme is supported by high quality materials for you to take away including a booklet with the full routine in, to remind you what you've learned each week when practicing at home. You can also buy one of the lovely hard-back story books, which is a lovely addition to read with your child, or for older sibling to be involved too. 

I run the course over 3 consecutive weeks, half an hour each week, to learn a few reflex (animals) points and to allow you to go away, practice and come back with any questions. By the end of the 3 weeks you will have learnt a specific routine to support your baby / child with the reason you chose reflexology for. Check out the poster opposite for reason you may look at reflexology to support your baby / child's health in a natural complementary way. 

Please note, if you are ever worried about your child's health please contact your local GP, 111 or pharmacy as your first point of call.

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