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with your Chakra's Masterclass

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Introducing my FREE CONNECT with your Chakras Masterclass

Hosted by Abi Fenton Therapies Reiki Practioner of the Year 2022/23 in Yorkshire
Wednesday 1st February 7pm via Zoom. 

Are You Interested In Learning More About What Chakras Are And How To Work With Them?

You are looking for natural ways to manage your thoughts.

Feelings are held physically and you would like to learn how to release these?

You want to feel like you are aligned with your true self by learning to listen within. 

  • What are Chakras?

  • Understanding the 7 main Chakras.

  • How to balance and align with our Chakras.

  • Learning how to connect with each chakra to help you within mind, body and soul.

  • Give you a solid foundation on the basics of Chakras to allow you to go on and learn more if you wish. 

During the Masterclass you will learn:


Meet Abi Fenton, your host for the week

  • You Will Discover how to create calmness and balance in your mind, body and soul (energetically)

  • I Reveal simple techniques to bring calmness but also confidence, focus, self belief and love for yourself by connecting with your chakras. 

  • I Will Share my experience and wisdom of how working with my chakra's has helped me feel confident, love who I am and have belief and trust in who I am. 

  • You Will Feel you have a deeper understanding of what Chakras and and how to work will them.

  • You Will Be Given ways to connect with your chakras. 


Check out what my Reiki Clients have said about working with me. 

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