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Eating disorders

Eating disorders covers a wide range of areas including:

  • Anorexia

  • Binge eating

  • Bulimia

  • Selective eating disorder

All eating disorders can effect a persons life in many ways from day to day activities, their mood and social situations. Many people with eating disorders may also have low self esteem and confidence, as well as suffering with stress, anxiety or depression. 

The symptoms and causes of eating disorder vary widely and each person has a different range. When working with clients we will take a full questionnaire to get as much information as possible to help tailor your sessions specifically to you. 

If you are looking at Hypnotherapy for someone you know who has an eating disorder, the person needs to be willing and happy to make these changes. 


Would you like to find out more?

Please contact me via the form below.


If you would like to go ahead and book an appointment please follow the link at the top of the screen to book. Please note I will contact you as soon as you have booked, to just email your initial questionnaire and make contact to just receive a little more information. I look forward to meeting you on your journey in taking control back.  

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How can Hypnotherapy help an eating disorder?

During a hypnotherapy session we will look into the causes of why a person my feel they have this relationship with food. We will work with you to gain control of your thoughts and feelings to that you will learn new ways of controlling these. 

This may also including looking back at what caused you to initially have this relationship with food, as well as working on self confidence and body image. You will learn tools and techniques to feel calm, relaxed and in control of your eating habits again.

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