Meditation bundles

Would you love to be able to have access to all my meditations to allow you to bring calmness, stillness and so much more?

Meditation Library:

Many, many clients and followers love listening to my mediations and it is one of the reasons they were drawn to me.

Therefore I felt like I should give you all access to my meditations to have me in your pocket for when you need to, for just £34.99... Bargain!!!

Meditations can help:

  • bring calmness into your life

  • lower stress levels

  • aid sleep

  • reduce anxiety

  • help to let go of thoughts or feelings.

  • increases focus and concentration

  • promotes emotional wellbeing

  • creates positive healthy habits.

Chakra Meditations Bundle:

This package contains a meditation for each Chakra to allow you to connect with each chakra, to allow you to rebalance, realign and reconnect within.

Benefits of connecting with your chakra's:

  • connect with your inner and higher self

  • improves health and wellbeing

  • enhances concentration and focus

  • increase self belief and confidence.

  • builds on your intuition and inner wisdom

  • plus so much more...

My meditations have been described as....

'a feeling of calmness that sticks around'


'best meditations around'

'I fall asleep every time I listen to them...'

'I never get to the end as I am usually asleep'

‘I feel the stresses flowing away…’

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