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FREE 5 Day Online Retreat

Supporting You During
Mental Health Awareness Week

15th - 19th May 2023


This is the place to access your daily does of calmness for the week.

Are you ready to be whisked off to a dreamlike place?

Come and join my Online Retreat when every day I will help you get away from the crazy world we live in and learn how to create calmness, peace and tranquillity within our mind, body and soul (energetically)

Over the week you will learn more about yourself on a deeper level. 

PLUS you will notice how much more productive you are with your time, achieving tasks you would previously put off, due to the renewed energy and enthusiasm you now have.

If you open to learning more about how you could support your health in a natural way.

Then this 5 Day Online Retreat is for You.

I will be sharing with you, what has helped me and my clients with their mental well being in a natural way.

So if you are feeling like you never make time for yourself and you want to even get back to putting yourself first this week is perfect for you. 

Introducing my FREE 5 Day Online Retreat

Where I Will Help You Create Calmness In Your Life.

To increase confidence, self worth, love and belief by learning to connect within.


You have decided NOW is the time to invest in yourself?

Maybe your mindset is stopping you from progressing in your life or work?

During the week you will learn and understand how you can support your mental, physical and energetical well being, in natural ways.

You will end the week feeling a sense of peace, tranquillity and belonging being part of an empowering community.


Meet Abi Fenton, your host for the week

  • You Will Discover how to create calmness in your mind, body and soul (energetically)

  • I Reveall simple techniques to bring calmness but also confidence, focus, self belief and love for yourself. 

  • I Will Share my experience and wisdom of living with anxiety over 12 years ago plus all my knowledge from trainings I have attended.

  • You Will Feel confident that you can create calmness in your life by yourself.

  • You Will Be Given Exclusive Access To Our Private Experience Members Online Facebook Group. Along With Everyone Else Taking Part In The Week. 


Every Day I will Post One Task Which You will Action For You To Complete And Post In The Comments How You Got On.

Each Task Can Be Done In A Max of 30mins And I will Be On Hand To Answer Any Questions You May Have.

You Will Also Meet Like Minded People Within The Group To Share Your Journey With, Helping To Build You Up And Give You Confidence And Clarity Along The Way.

Check out what my Clients have said about how my work has supported their mental health!