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Reiki infused Hypnotherapy

Reiki Infused Hypnotherapy
Guiding you deeply to connect within, to your natural energy source, to help you heal deeply.


I will help you to connect and be guided by your devine energy source through reiki healing as well as using mindset techniques from hypnotherapy that align with your journey.

  • Are you tired and drained by that inner chatter?

  • Do you feel lost and isolated?

  • Are you lacking confidence in yourself to step out there again?

  • Do you worry about things constantly?

  • Are you looking to find a natural way to manage your mindset long term?

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Chakra alignment

Through your Reiki Infused Hypnotherapy programme you can:

  • learn how to reconnect, realign and ground yourself?

  • feel inner peace and tranquillity?

  • trust, love and believe in yourself and be guided by this.

  • learn to let go naturally, with deep healing.

  • Find Yourself: reconnect, realign and rebalance.

Common asked questions:

Do I have to have had reiki or understand energy work to benefit from this treatment?
No... if you are open to accepting and trying new natural therapies that is all you need. I am guided by you so I work with what aligns with you and your healing journey.

How long are the session?
Between 60-90mins max.

How often will I have sessions?
You will have 6 weekly session, we then move to a fortnightly session and the last session can be decided with yourself if you go fortnightly or monthly. (8 sessions in total)