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The Energy & Mindset Hub

Allowing you to live your life fully with calmness and confidence within.

The Energy & Mindset Hub is the only community you need to support your Mental Health long term, giving you the encouragement, framework and guidance you need to feel calm, confident and in control to live this life fully present.

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I want you to feel positively supported and encouraged to create a healthy and balanced energy and mindset around life. 

Creating a life YOU desire.

Bringing calmness and stillness in your life, enabling you to focus on and complete tasks confidently.

LOVE and accept who you are, so that you don't compare yourself anymore.

Letting go of anything that does not benefit you right now, so that you can be more present and enjoy life more. 

Confidently accepting yourself to allow you to get out and achieve all your dreams and desires.

You will know that this is the right community for you if:

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You feel you have non-stop negative thoughts that spiral out of control
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You find it difficult to focus and concentrate on task, which means everything takes so much longer and then your self worth plumets.
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You have no confidence or self worth, which is stopping you achieving a lot in life.
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Your find it diffuclt to stop, relax or even sleep and this allows the thoughts to start again.
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You feel your mind is always stuck in the past or the future.
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You feel like you have lost who you are, your identity and purpose in life.

My Natural approach to mental health will allow you to:

  1. Remain calm in all situations.
  2. Control your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.
  3. Live in the present moment and learn to embrace the small things in life.
  4. Let go of feelings and emotions that no longer serve you.
  5. Love who you are and not worry about what others think.
  6. Find your true self so that you can feel confident in your decisions.
  7. Have confidence and feel good enough to achieve your dreams and desires.  Anything is possible!
  8. Learn how to connect to your natural energy source within to recognise how to work with it to enhance your mindset. 

What will you get if you join?

Step-by-step Framework
The simple framework is focused around the 7 Chakra's, working from the Root to the Crown Chakra you will learn energy and mindset techniques to support you long term with your mental health. 

Monthly Live Mentoring Calls via Zoom
Get my guidance and ask questions with anything related to the step-by-step framework, anything you need support with in life. 

Monthly Reiki Infused Hypnotherapy sessions via Zoom.
Access the amazing therapy every month to allow you to change your mindset and focus on energy healing by accessing the subconcious. 

Support Facebook Community Group
Share your wins whilst implementing the strategies I teach you. As well as asking questions within the group. This group will be invaluable for positive support, encouragement and accountability.

Guest Experts sessions
I will be bringing in guest experts in their fields to bring more understanding of  mental health and energy work.

Library of over 34 meditations to access

Meet Abi Fenton

Abi is a Reiki Healer and Hypnotherapist supporting you with your mental health through her proven techniques to help you feel calm and confidence within to live your life fully.

She is very passionate about helping as many women as possible feel in control of their mindset through natural healing.

Abi has personally battled with Anxiety since 2010. Giving her a wealth of experience and also knowledge on how to manage mental health long term since training in these therapies over 3 years ago!

She often finds that clients have been for CBT and counselling before coming to see her. However these therapies have not given them the tools and techniques to manage their mental health long term.

This is how Abi is different from everyone else. She  has a genuine care and understanding of where you are coming from. She is caring, warm and down to earth, giving you positive guidance and support throughout.
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