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Weight loss / 

The Virtual Gastric band 

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Many of you will have tried many diets, joined weigh loss groups, tried and failed and maybe looking to finally take control of your relationship with food.  

Using Hypnotherapy is not a diet.

You will learn to listen to your body noticing when you are full and acting on this

Why choose hypnotherapy to loose weight?

During our sessions we will look at why you are drawn to food, what the triggers are and address these. You will feel much more confident in yourself and many people who may suffer with stress or anxiety also find this programme useful in addressing these areas too. I will teach you tools and techniques which will allow you to feel in control when at home during our sessions and these will be with you for life to use whenever you may feel the urge again, You can take control. 

If you feel the need to eat more unhealthy foods from time to time you will have the confidence that you only need a small amount to satisfy you and that you can remain in control of your healthy eating habits. 


Would you like to find out more?

Please contact me via the form below.


If you would like to go ahead and book an appointment please follow the link at the top of the screen to book. Please note I will contact you as soon as you have booked, to just email your initial questionnaire and make contact to just receive a little more information. I look forward to meeting you on your journey in taking control back.  

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