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Hey there, I am re-launching my self study ‘Energy and Mindset Hub’ course which is based on our 7 chakra system.


Are you aware of how your mindset is effecting your life? You are ready to take back control in a holistic / energetical way, learning a wide range of skills to find what works for you. This course if for you.


Or maybe you're interested in energy work and using a holistic approach to managing your feelings, thoughts and behaviours, then this is also for you. 



I am re-launching my 7 module (7 chakra) self study course that guides you step by step through each chakra, with many lessons within each chakra / module,  to allow you to feel more confident and aligned with your true authentic self.


This is a framework I developed a few years ago and ran as ‘The Energy and Mindset Hub’ membership but I am now re-launching it as a self- study / self paced course for you to have access to for LIFE!


Over the last 6 years I have worked with hundreds, if not thousands of clients to help them feel calm, in control of their thoughts and feelings and start to feel confident to allow them to show up as their true authentic self.


I remember this one client who was unable to say no to anything, as she felt like she had to please people and doing this made her feel good as she was helping others out. However after we worked together she began to say NO more often and even left her job as she felt so much more confident in who she was and what she wanted in life that she was able to stand up for herself with authority. 














Here are some of the common issues people come to me with.

  1. They are always doubting themselves and their actions. They don’t feel good enough!

  2. They feel as though they are putting on a mask and being someone they think they should be. They are always thinking about what others maybe thinking of them. 

  3. They want to change but just do not know what to do and how to make these changes. 


During the 7 week intensive / self paced course we will cover:

  • Starting at our Root Chakra to build the foundations to help us feel more grounded, in control and calm in all that we do. 

  • As we move up through the Chakra’s we will be looking at increasing your confidence and self worth as well as looking how to manage those limiting beliefs that show up for us each and every day. 

  • As well as the mindset work we will also look at a wide range of holistic approaches to help us allow the energy to flow and move freely through all our chakras to allow balance and alignment with our true authentic self. 

  • You will have access to meditations to support each chakra as well as many other lessons, tools and techniques to implement into your life. 

  • For those of you looking for extra support through the course you can add in 2 months of Voxer support (this is a messaging app) to have me in your pocket to guide you through this process. 











I really want to get the right people in this self study course who are committed to their self development and are looking to thrive in life using holistic approaches, using this chakra framework to build on upon themselves


When you sign up, you will get:

  • Life time access to the Energy & Mindset self study course.

  • 2 months access to a private Facebook group, where you can ask questions as you go along.

  • Accountability within the group and cheerleading your wins as you progress.

  • PLUS you can upgrade to the VIP Voxer support to have me in your pocket for the 2 months to get my guidance, support, accountability plus me cheering and celebrating all your wins however big or small. 


Just imagine if…


  • You could have a handful of tools and techniques to support your wellbeing whenever you need it.

  • You understood the chakra system and what to do, when you are feeling like there is maybe some energy resistance somewhere, and you knew what to do and how to help yourself.

  • You have full control of your feelings, thoughts and actions that you now feel positive, calm and confident in your true authentic self. 


All you need to do is, commit to yourself every week for a minimum of  30mins to 1 hour, working on self development. 


It is now time to finally make these changes to your life. 


If you have this support 1-1 you would be looking at £1045 but when you sign up today you are getting this at a fraction of the cost. 


Right now you can get access for life to this chakra self study course for an amazing price of just £777. HOWEVER as it’s Black Friday week I am offering it to you at a HUGE discount of around 60% off… making it a wonderful angel number of £333 for you today.


If you would like to add the VIP Voxer support then you can get it for £1450. OR the Black Friday offer of £999.


It doesn’t stop there as I am offering payment plans to split the cost to make it accessible to everyone. 


If you are ready to take control and make these changes to your life for the better, drop me a message with ‘I’M IN’ and I will send over the payment links to suit your payment options straight away. 




Option one is that you stay as you are and keep battling with these blocks that keep stopping you from moving forward in life, relationships, business or work. 


OR you sign up to this self study course, take away and implement all the juiciness that I teach you, allowing you to feel, calm, confident and in control allowing nothing to stop you from shining within and being your true authentic self that you were born to be. 




What will you choose?


If you want in, then message me ‘I AM IN’ and we will get things flowing straight away. 

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