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Reiki Healing

Achieve inner harmony, balance and a peaceful sense of wellbeing enabling you to adopt a calmer response to life’s challenges and helping you to reconnect with yourself using the natural power of Reiki healing.

What is Reiki?

Activate your natural healing process

Reiki is a traditional Japanese technique for promoting physical, mental and emotional healing, stress reduction and relaxation. "Life force energy" flows through us all and Reiki works to balance the energy pathways that have become problematic due to tension, stress, illness or disease.

This then allows your body to feel re-balanced, allowing natural healing to take place.

Your treatment will feel unique to you, some people say it's like a wonderful glowing and calming radiance that flows through, or you may feel nothing but calmness. Reiki treats the whole person including the physical, emotional, mind and spiritual body creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. 

I'm a practitioner in Holy Fire® Reiki, a specialist form of Reiki that is more defined and comes from a higher level of consciousness. It is both powerful and gentle and provides purification, healing, empowerment and guidance. 

If you would like to learn more about Reiki and Usui / Holy Fire® Reiki click below.

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Reiki Development Circle



Every month

6 month minimum commitment, with online support with your Reiki Journey

Valid until canceled

Reiki Development Circle (online)

Are you looking for ongoing support with your Reiki Journey?


Maybe you just love receiving Reiki and seeing the benefits to your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.


Or maybe you are a student and looking for support as you progress through the levels of Reiki, as well as receiving Reiki regularly too.


As I always recommend to my students that as much as you now know how to give Reiki to yourself it's still important to receive too.


So come and join our community and begin to feel connected, calm and aligned within a supportive group setting. 

If you would like to add on Usui / Holy Fire Reiki training onto your plan, I have 6 month or 12 month payment options. Sign up to the Reiki Development Circle and we will get your payment plan set up for you.

So what does the Reiki Development Circle include?

  • 2 x Online Group Reiki calls per month. (evening and day times) Remember we all need to receive Reiki.

  • 1 x Mentoring call a month, to allow you to get my support in any aspects of your life, Reiki or anything goes.

  • 1 x card reading group call per month (either full moon or new moon readings)

  • Access to FREE Facebook Group The Reiki Development Circle to explore all aspects of Reiki and spirituality supported alongside like-minded people.

  • Online via Zoom

  • All sessions are recorded so if you can't make the session you can watch back on reply and still gain the benefits.

Practising Reiki regularly will enable you to sustain and maintain these increased feelings of confidence and wellbeing whilst allowing space for you to consciously and subconsciously connect to your inner guidance. It will allow you to develop and connect with your spiritual journey too.

Online Reiki

Reiki Circle (online)

Group Reiki (in-person)

Feel the power and connectedness of being surrounded by other spiritually like-minded women with an immersive group Reiki healing experience. 

We begin with a short meditation connecting to one of your chakras, followed by a group reiki healing experience to promote positive mental, emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing, helping you feel calmer and happier as you take on the rest of your day's activities.

  • Sessions are every fortnight on a Wednesday (term-time only)

  • 10:30am - 11:30am

  • 8 Sessions in the Programme

  • In-person at Leeds Physio & Pilates Practice, Oulton, Leeds

  • Access to FREE Facebook Group The Reiki Circle to explore all aspects of Reiki and spirituality supported alongside like-minded people.

Practising Reiki regularly will strengthen your energy and continually help you to improve your mindset, confidence and love for yourself.


Just £100

For a block of 8 sessions.

Click the button below to find out when the next programme starts.

In-Person Group
Reiki Sessions

Inperson Reiki

Reiki Session Lovers...

"I have been seeing Abi now since July 2021 and the person I am now is so different to the person I was and I know it's because of my Reiki sessions with Abi. 

I have and always do feel comfortable with Abi, her caring side and friendly face really helps.

Counting down to my next session!"

Looking for bespoke Reiki?

Connect deeper within and access your natural energy source for more profound healing with 1:1 Reiki Sessions

Using more bespoke healing and in-depth mentoring, you can connect to your inner self and be guided by your divine energy source to become more in tune and aligned with your inner being. 

  • Reconnect, realign and ground yourself

  • Feel inner peace and tranquillity

  • Trust, love and believe in yourself 

  • Learn to let go naturally, with deep healing

Learn more about these sessions with a FREE 30 minute connection call.

Which session is right for you?

If you're unsure which style of Reiki would suit you best or would like to chat further about the Reiki Healing I offer then please click the button below and we can have a chat.

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