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Self-Study Hypnotherapy Bundles, Meditations and eBooks for self-help at home

Would you love to access Hypnotherapy but cannot access my 121 sessions due to whatever reason?

These Bundles could support you to create positive results in your chosen area. 

I have a full 34 meditation library or a 7-chakra meditation bundle available.

PLUS I have created 6 bundles, each containing a Masterclass, Workbooks and Hypnotic Audios. 

It is recommended to follow the guidance set out in each bundle to achieve the best results. 

Woman Sleeping

The Ultimate Sleep Bundle

Do you struggle to get to sleep on an evening OR maybe you wake throughout the night?

This sleep bundle will outline how to create positive healthy sleep habits as well as teaching you many techniques to help increase your sleep.

Love Yourself Bundle

Do you lack love and belief in yourself?

Do you find it hard to see the good in yourself?

Maybe you want to find your true self and feel that love for who you are.

This is just for you, let's increase that love and compassion for who you are.

See and embrace all you are, imperfections and all!

hypnotherapy  (295).jpg
Image by Brett Jordan

Confidence Booster Bundle

Do you lack confidence and belief in yourself?

Maybe you don't feel worthy of achieving something in life, work or personally.

Let's raise that confidence to allow you to reach those goals and desires.

Meditation Library

Yoga at Home

Many, many clients and followers love listening to my mediations and it is one of the reasons they were drawn to me.

Therefore I felt like I should give you all access to my meditations to have me in your pocket for when you need to, for just £111... Bargain!!!

Meditations can help:

  • bring calmness into your life

  • lower stress levels

  • aid sleep

  • reduce anxiety

  • help to let go of thoughts or feelings.

  • increases focus and concentration

  • promotes emotional wellbeing

  • creates positive healthy habits.

Chakra Meditation Bundle

This bundle contains a meditation for each Chakra to allow you to connect with each chakra, to allow you to rebalance, realign and reconnect within.

Benefits of connecting with your chakra:

  • connect with your inner and higher self

  • improves health and wellbeing

  • enhances concentration and focus

  • increase self-belief and confidence.

  • builds on your intuition and inner wisdom

  • Plus so much more...

Colorful Crystal

Chakra ebook

Learn what your Chakra's are and how to connect with them through:

  • Essential oils

  • Food

  • Manta's and Mundra's

  • Daily Suggested Activities

  • Positive Affirmations

  • Crystals

  • Colours and Elements

Chakra Course (1)_edited.jpg

Reduce Your Anxiety Bundle
(coming soon)

Is anxiety plaguing you?

Is your mind racing and won't stop with thoughts about the past or future?

It's time to learn how to be present and live in the moment.

Image by Uday Mittal
Image by Dalton Touchberry

Bust Those Fears
(coming soon)

Is a Fear or Phobia stopping you from living life to the full?

Let's bust those fears to allow you to go and live your life as you desire.

Stressed Woman

De-Stress Bundle
(coming soon)

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Hit burnout?

It's time to allow yourself to feel in control of your thoughts and feelings and allow yourself to feel calm in all situations.

Payment plans
  • Meditation library

  • Chakra Meditation Bundle

  • Chakra workbook

  • The Sleep Bundle

  • Love Yourself Bundle

  • Confidence Booster

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