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Abi wearing a flowing white vest top and flowing trousers similing with her arms outstretched in a lavendar field during sunset

Group Reiki Healing

Find peace and feel connection with like-minded Women at my Leeds based Reiki circle

Benefits of Group Reiki Include:

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Feel Calm, Supported & Connected for Under £15 per Session

Do you long for calm amidst the daily hustle? How would it feel to have a supportive community of women to connect with on a deeper level? 

Look no further than this nurturing Reiki circle.  This in-person experience in Leeds offers a powerful and transformative way to prioritise your well-being, leaving you feeling centered and empowered - all for just £15 per session (or £12.50 if you book a full programme up front).

The true magic, however, lies in the wonderful community experience. Surrounded by like-minded women in a safe and nurturing space, you can truly be yourself. 

Our Reiki group healing sessions begin with a gentle guided meditation, focusing on one of your chakras – the energy centers within your body. This sets the stage for a deeply relaxing and restorative experience.

A group reiki healing session with a circle of woman laying down on purple mats in a bright room decorated with wooden beams. They have blankets over them

Immerse Yourself in a Supportive Reiki Group
Healing Experience

Through the power of Reiki, a gentle form of energy healing, you'll receive a short, individual Reiki healing experience within a group setting. The best thing about this is that even when I am not working directly with you, you will still benefit from the Universal life force energy that Reiki brings throughout the entire room. This practice promotes positive mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being, leaving you feeling noticeably calmer and happier as you return to your day.

Just Imagine:

  • Basking in the warmth of Reiki energy, shared within a circle of supportive women.

  • Connecting deeply with one of your chakras through a guided meditation, allowing space for inner exploration and release.

  • Feeling a sense of calm and well-being wash over you as Reiki practitioners guide the healing energy throughout the group.

Abi Fenton sitting in a tree wearing a t-shirt and jeans looking away from the camera
A group of woman in attendance of a group Reiki circle in Leeds. Some women are laying on mats and those less able to lay down are sitting in a chair


I was really unsure about coming today, but I'm so glad I did. Such an amazing feeling and lovely experience. Thanks Abi x

Reiki Group Member

Here's what you can expect:

Purple mats set up on the floor with chairs for people that want to sit and blankets
  • There are 7-8 bi-weekly sessions in a programme. These are held in a comfortable and welcoming environment at Leeds Physio & Pilates Practice in Oulton, Leeds. (Sessions run during term time only.)

  • Each session runs on Wednesdays from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM, providing a convenient and rejuvenating mid-week escape.

  • A guided meditation to begin, focusing on one of your chakras for deeper exploration and energy balancing.

  • A group Reiki healing experience to leave you feeling centered, calm, and ready to take on the rest of your day.

  • An individual, short one-to-one Reiki healing within the group, for a deeper individual connection.

Reiki's Lasting Impact

Regularly practicing Reiki with our circle not only offers immediate benefits during the sessions, but also strengthens your energy over time. Over the course of the program, you'll gain a deeper understanding of yourself, leading to a positive shift in your mindset, confidence, and self-love.


Imagine yourself surrounded by like-minded women, all seeking a path to greater peace and balance. There's no judgment here, just friendly faces, open hearts, and a genuine desire to support one another on our individual journeys.  And to further cultivate these connections, we even host a social event at the end of each term – a delightful opportunity to deepen friendships and celebrate the positive transformations we've experienced together.

Abi and some of her group Reiki participants smiling whilst sitting in a pub for a social night out
Small circular image of Abi having a social evening with some of the women who attend her group Reiki sessions

Looking for more Reiki?

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Experience the power of one to one Reiki at my comfortable Reiki healing room in Leeds. Feel your stress melt away and let the calmness take over.

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Embrace your Reiki journey with our supportive monthly membership! Enjoy regular online treatments for lasting wellbeing, or gain student support while advancing through the levels. 

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 Escape to a serene woodland haven for grounding meditation, personalised Reiki healing, and fireside gatherings with like-minded souls.

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Group Reiki FAQ's

  • When are all the calls?
    The two distance Reiki Calls will be on Wednesday's at 9.30am or 6.30pm. The Mentoring Call will alternate between a day and evening call every other month, days to be confirmed but most likely they would be on Tuesday or Wednesday. Moon card reading sessions will be held accordingly to the moon.
  • How much support will I get from Abi?
    Abi will be in the private Facebook group daily helping to answer and questions, encouraging and supporting you all as much as she can. Plus the monthly mentoring call will be an opportunity to get even more support.
  • I have a questions that has not been answered on here.
    You can email me to organise a call to discuss any other questions. via this email
  • I am not trained in Reiki is this group for me?
    YES absolutely, this community is not just for those trained in Reiki but also for those who love to receive Reiki and want it to be part of their lives and to learn more about how it can support them in life. Plus you will develop your own personal and spiritual journey just being in this group.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about my in-person group Reiki or book now on the button below.

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