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Usui Reiki Training.

Would you like to learning more about what Reiki healing is and how it could support yourself through self healing, friends, family and even clients? 

Start your journey today by booking on one of my full day in person course held at Oulton Institute.


Upcoming training dates:

Reiki Level 1: Wednesday 15th Feb (9.30am-3pm)

Reiki Level 1 Training


  • What is Reiki?

  • Reiki Principles.

  • History of Usui Reiki

  • Uses of Reiki

  • Protecting your energy.

  • Learning Reiki to use for self healing, family and friends.


Reiki Circle

Reiki Circle is a community group where you can have my support as a Reiki Master Teacher.

Its a safe space to ask questions about experiences when using Reiki.

Make connections with like minded people.

Experience a month call to support you in your journey with Reiki. This will include an opportunity to ask question and get guidance, plus you will receive a group distance Reiki healing too.

All for just £15.

If you are a student of mine you will receive the first months membership FREE using the code provided during your training course.