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About Me

My Name is Abi Fenton and I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner Reflexologist and Reiki Healer.

I chose to train in these complementary therapies as I have personally experienced the benefits they have brought into my life.

I am very passionate about bring natural therapies into peoples lives to help them maintain a healthy and balanced life through mind, body and soul. You may be seeking complementary therapies to support you with a specific health condition or simply to help you maintain your well-being. 

I first experienced reflexology back in 2010 when I was very ill, doctors diagnosed me with chronic fatigue syndrome. I was off work for a long time and I was sure that this was more that what the doctors had said. I reached out to my lovely therapist Sue Brown, who I still see now monthly. She recommended reflexology, hypnotherapy and reiki to support me during this time.  I personally believe that without the regular treatments I had with Sue, I would not be where I am now health wise.


Within that time I was diagnosed with health anxiety and also had CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) and counselling through the NHS to help. These helped me in the short term and get a good understanding of anxiety and why I was feeling this way. BUT the complementary therapies have helped me maintain my mental health in the long term with regular monthly treatments. 

These amazing therapies also helped me through the struggle and stress of being a teacher (special needs) and the pressures the job brought. In the end I made the decision to leave the teaching profession (after 11years) and I initially started childminding to be with my 2 daughters. During the first year of this I knew this was not where I wanted to be long term. I wanted to learn more about complementary therapies and I chose Reflexology to be my first qualification to allow me to work with others. 

I am proud to now offer you, my clients, a relaxing tranquil room set within my home in Methley. Offering both Reflexology, Reiki & Hypnotherapy. 

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My passion & ethos

My passion and ethos lies in many areas:

  • Firstly I have a big link with mental health, from my personal experiences I have seen and benefited from complementary therapies. Therefore I want to support and show as many people with Mental health, anxiety, depression and so many more that there is help out there and complementary therapies maybe the long term support that could help you.

  • Secondly I have had many years experience with children and those with special educational needs. Complementary therapies are not just for adults but children and babies can benefit too. 

  • Thirdly as being a mother to two beautiful daughters, I received reflexology, reiki and hypnotherapy (for birth) in preparation. I therefore love to work with couples through their fertility journey as well as through pregnancy, post birth and also those who may loose a child

  • Lastly I just love to help people. What ever the reason you may seek complementary therapies, I am here for you. I believe in create a bond with all my clients to help and assist them in their journey with complementary therapies.


Diploma in Reflexology                                                    Feb 2018

Maternity Reflexology Practitioners Diploma                  June 2018

Qualified Reflexology Instructor in 'The Children's Reflexology Programme'                                                                      Feb 2019

Reiki First Degree                                                             Nov 2017
Reiki Second Degree                                                        June 2019
Reiki Master Teacher                                                         Nov 2022

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma                                 Aug 2020
Virtual Gastric Band Practitioner                                      Nov 2020
IEMT                                                                                 Jan 2022

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