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The Revive & Refresh
8 week Hypnosis course

Starts Wednesday 6th October

Are you ready to take control of that inner chatter and overwhelm
allowing you to feel confident in yourself in just 8 weeks?

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Are you lacking confidence, self belief or love for yourself?

Suffering with stress or mild anxiety?

  • Within a group setting you will experience the benefits of hypnosis at a reduced price!


  • Going from no confidence or belief in yourself, stressed or anxious at times...
    to feeling happy, positive, confident and no longer letting your mind control you, instead you will learn to take back that control for good!


  • When you previously felt isolated, you will now feel the sense of being part of a community with like minded women.


  • You will find yourself again, that may have been lost for some time, allowing you to smash those goals and dreams with confidence.

Let's do this together!

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What's included?

  • The course will be ran via zoom (it will also be recorded so that if you miss one session you will not miss out) ** However it is not recommended to listen to just the recordings, you will get the most out of this course attending all the sessions LIVE via zoom**

  • You will be part of a Facebook group where I will remind you of your homework to practice the tools and techniques I am teaching you as well as what we covered that week. We will celebrate wins and encourage and support each other, feeling part of a community and getting to know one another.

  • The sessions will run weekly every Wednesday at 6pm starting on the 6th October.

  • You will complete a questionnaire so that I can get to know all of you individually, your goals and where you are now.

BONUSES if you sign up before Monday 27th September:

  • 2 x relaxation recordings to support you between sessions. (WORTH £60)

  • A set of positive affirmation cards (£12)


We will be covering within hypnosis and out:

  • Goal setting

  • Learning how to control your thoughts and feelings during fight / flight

  • How to get rid of unwanted thoughts or feelings

  • Positive thinking

  • Feeling confident

  • Believing in yourself in certain situations, feeling calm and confident

  • Dealing with stress triggers or things we can't control

  • Going forward / the future


Payment options

Option 1 : £295 full payment on booking the course via bank transfer

Option 2: 2 x installments of £150 (£295 + £5 admin fee) via paypal
                 Initial payment made on booking, with following
                 payment a month after.

Would you like more information?

To arrange a phone call please do so by contacting me via email or phone via the details below.

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