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CONNECT 7 week group course

Learn to connect with your Chakra's.

Find that confidence and clarity to help you through launch periods

If you feel that self doubt in yourself, your business or that product / service you are about to launch then this is for you! 

I know full well with 5 years in business about the feelings, thoughts and energy shifts that can occur in the run up to any launch. 

This is why I created this group course to help you feel connected within a community to support one another and reconnect to our positive thoughts, feelings and energy that are all within us. 

I am here to ignite your passion, creativity, love and enthusiasm to feel confident and have clarity in your launches. 

  • whats included????

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From joining the course you will feel:

  • Connected to a wonderful support group.

  • Calm and focused ready to launch.

  • Connected to the confidence to smash this launch.

  • Clarity on your launch.

  • Aligned with your intuition.

  • Connected to your true potential. 

  • At peace with your journey.

CONNECT 7 week Group Course
Starts Wed 4th Jan, 12.30pm

Common asked questions:

  • Do I have to have had reiki or understand energy work to benefit from this course?

No. If you are open to accepting and trying new natural therapies that is all you need. I will teach you how to connect to your natural energy source so you can be a complete novice or already have a deep understanding of Chakra's and this course is for you as it's all about the support you need for launch periods. 

  • How long are the session?

Between 60-90mins. max. I will aim for 60mins but it could easily run over, I like to give you as much value as I can.

  • How often will I have sessions?

You will have 7 weekly session, the same time and day every week, starting Wednesday 4th Jan at 12.30pm

  • How are the sessions ran?

The sessions will be ran via zoom.

  • If I can't make a session will this effect the effectiveness:

All sessions will be recorded and sent to all participants to have access to watch back on replay as and when they require. 

  • Will there be any support between sessions?

You will have my support via a Facebook Group.  


  • Are there payment options?

Yes there is a variety of payment options depending on when you sign up, the available options are shown below that are

       available at the time of booking.


Payment Options Available

Please contact me if you would like to create another payment option that suits you.