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CONNECT to your Chakras Course


Achieve health, success and inner peace by increasing your confidence

and mastering ultimate self-connection through your chakras.

Unlock the key to true confidence…

Possessing a deep and solid self-connection should always be at the forefront of your life. Having this connection will help you make choices that keep you on your true purpose path. You’ll reap the benefits of increased confidence, feel more at peace, gain deeper insights and have better relationships but most importantly of all, you’ll believe and trust in yourself.

And believing in yourself is crucial to succeeding.

With self-belief, you can attain whatever it is in life that you really want.

Starting deep within, we will work on developing this most potent of connections, linking your mind, body and soul to create the harmonious balance you need to thrive.

CONNECT with your chakras

CONNECT with your energy

CONNECT with yourself

Are you ready to achieve ultimate CONNECTION?

Limited spaces available, to make the course more personal for you.

CONNECT to your chakras Course

7 week intimate group programme helping you to connect to your chakras, your energy and yourself, sky-rocketing your confidence and enabling you to build the life you truly want.


So be quick to not miss out!


Why are we important to ourselves?

We should be the most important person in our own life. We should be our priority.

In our busy lives, we often underestimate our own importance and the importance of spending time with ourselves and connecting with ourselves on a deeper, more meaningful level.

Connecting with yourself can have huge benefits…

•  Reach your highest potential

To reach your highest potential, you need to be aware of your potential. When we connect with energy through our mind and body, we get to know ourselves better and become aware of who we are and what we are capable of.

•   Better understand yourself and others

If we spend time understanding ourselves through our energy and our body we will understand the causes behind different behaviours. Once we know what is causing what, we can also control it by controlling the cause. We become better masters of our own life. Through this work, we can understand others better and the quality of our relationships improves increasing our positive social connections.


Chakra connection

A chakra is a focal energy point found in your body. You have 7 of them, all of which focus on different feelings, types of energy and different ways they contribute to your overall wellbeing.

When your chakras are aligned and balanced, energy flows freely and creates a harmonious balance through your mind, body and spirit. When they are out of balance your energy flow is affected and it can cause specific mental, physical and spiritual problems.

If you feel disconnected, that you’ve lost your identity, that your negative mindset takes control, that your lack of confidence is affecting you achieving your true purpose - then you need to do the inner work of understanding and connecting to your chakras.

Learn true connection - what do I get in the Chakra Connection Course?

Boost your energy - Connect with your inner-self - Increase your confidence

In this comprehensive online Chakra course, you’ll learn about each of the 7 chakras, what energy they bring to your body and how to balance and connect with them using powerful techniques like mindful practices and breathing exercises. It provides easy-to-follow steps and important information through 90 minute classes and workbooks enabling you to activate and restore your energy, all from the comfort of your own home.

At the end of the 7 weeks, you’ll feel more centred, energised and in control of your mind, body and emotions.

•   90 minute evening class

•   Workbooks

•   Weekly meditations

•   All classes are recorded

•   Facebook Group to keep connected and provide ongoing support.


Bonuses worth £213.98 for FAST ACTION TAKERS ( more details below)

Week One - Build solid foundations and feel safe and secure by understanding and connecting to your root chakra.


Week Two - Stimulate creativity, connecting to your feelings and working through things that no longer serve us to bring abundance and joy by understanding and connecting to your sacral chakra.


Week Three - Transform your self-esteem and power by understanding and connecting to your solar plexus chakra.

Week Four - Improve your compassion, inner harmony and healthy relationships by understanding and connecting to your heart chakra.


Week Five - Express yourself authentically and know your inner truth by understanding and connecting to your throat chakra.


Week Six - Develop your intuition, trust and awareness by understanding and connecting to your third eye chakra.


Week Seven - Step into your highest consciousness and manifestation and your sense of purpose by understanding and connecting to your crown chakra.

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These teachings and practices are designed to create life-long changes to the way you view your mind, body and energy.

Master the connection you have to yourself to improve every area of your life - for a lifetime.


You get all this incredible value for just £333

Due to the intimate and in-depth nature of the course, there are ONLY 8 spaces available, so don’t wait too long to take the steps you need to reconnect, realign and rebalance.

Or spread the cost of the course over 3 months with just £111p/m making it even more accessible and affordable.

FREE Energy boosting bonuses


Kick-start your energy immediately with these beautiful free bonuses when you register.

FAST ACTION BONUS available in the first 24hrs of my FREE Masterclass (ends Midnight 2nd Feb).


FREE Reiki Session

Supercharged fast action bonus - book the course within 24 hours to receive a free 1x hour reiki session with me - a trained and experienced Reiki Master Teacher (worth £40).

6 month payment plan available

Spread the cost of the course over 6 months to make it accessible and available to everyone at only £56pcm it is a no brainer.

ACTION TAKING BONUSES register before Monday 6th Feb for these bonuses..


FREE Chakra Meditation Bundle

Book the course before 6th Feb and get this action-taking bonus helping you to feel calm, relaxed and more confident by pairing your classes with this specifically designed chakra mediation bundle (worth £33).

FREE Positive affirmations audio resources. Reduce anxiety and improve your mood with a click of a button with these 14 positive affirmations for self-worth and confidence audio bonus (worth £9.99).


Everyone will receive these bonuses when registering to support them during the course. 

FREE Access to The Energy & Mindset Hub Membership

For the duration of the chakra connection course, you’ll receive free access to my membership where you can learn and develop skills to improve your mental health. There’s a wealth of relaxation sessions, masterclasses, expert speakers and intention-setting tools and resources that you can take advantage of that will support the work we do in the course.(worth £88).


FREE Chakra workbook - providing even more information so you always have a physical resource to look back on and refresh your mind (worth £9.99).


FREE 3x workbooks showcasing expert advice and tips on crystals, nutrition and essential oils to help boost and support each of your chakras in a fully holistic approach (worth £33)

FREE Facebook group to support you between sessions and create a wonderful community of like minded people. You will build friendships for life and have the support you need.

The total value of these bonuses is £213.98 but you get them all for FREE when you sign up for the CONNECT Course.

Pay in FULL £333 and you will receive my meditation library for life (worth £111)

Meet your energy expert


Truly connecting to your natural energy source and working on developing a positive mindset will allow you to wake up every morning full of light and energy and tackle any challenges that come your way.


Energy work has been a huge part of my life for a long time now. I’ve seen and benefited from the incredible results holistic therapies can provide. There was a time when I struggled with anxiety. Some mornings I would wake up and didn't know where to turn. I couldn’t face the world.

I became house bound and had no confidence in myself and my abilities. My mindset was crippling me. I tried many therapies through the NHS but they did not teach me how to manage my mental health day to day and long term.

Until I found Reiki and Hypnotherapy. Both these therapies have supported me and now I combine them together to create powerful transformations for my clients teaching them mindset techniques to help them reconnect with their energies and chakras.

That’s why I have created this course. To support you with your mental health - but for the long-term.

To connect with yourself in a way that will create long-lasting changes and bring beauty and light into your life every day.


The lessons and information provided over 7 weeks will enable you to create a whole new mindset, habits and attitude when it comes to understanding your mind, body and soul.


Be connected to a wider community.

Feel connected within a community, to support one another and reconnect to our positive thoughts, feelings and energy that are all within us. 


I am here to ignite your passion, creativity, love and enthusiasm to feel confident and have clarity and conviction in everything you do throughout life. 


So, if you’re ready to join us, we can’t wait to meet you!