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Starts Wednesday 3rd November

How to love who you are and find your true self again with confidence and happiness.

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Reconnect and find yourself again

  • Experience group hypnotherapy at a reduced price!


  • Go from no belief or self love, to feeling happy, positive, confident in who you are.

  • Remove self hatred and feelings of being lost.


  • Find your inner peace and true identity once more

  • Allow yourself to believe, love and trust in yourself again.

You are worthy and truly amazing!

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What's included?

  • The course will be ran via zoom (it will also be recorded so that if you miss one session you will not miss out) ** However it is not recommended to listen to just the recordings, you will get the most out of this course attending all the sessions LIVE via zoom**

  • You will be part of a Facebook group where I will remind you of your homework to practice the tools and techniques I am teaching you as well as what we covered that week. We will celebrate wins and encourage and support each other, feeling part of a community and getting to know one another.

  • There is two options for sessions. They will run weekly every Wednesday at 11.30am or 7.30pm starting on the 3rd November. (two options available, choose your option on booking)

  • You will complete a questionnaire so that I can get to know all of you individually, your goals and where you are now.

BONUSES if you sign up before Monday 17th October:

  • 2 x relaxation recordings to support you between sessions. (WORTH £60)

  • A set of positive affirmation cards (£12)


What we will be covering within hypnosis and throughout the course:

  • Finding who you want to be and connecting with this person.

  • Learning to get rid of those limiting beliefs in yourself.

  • Thinking & feeling positively.

  • Embracing who we are and all that we are, including our imperfections.

  • Learning to be at one with yourself.

  • Celebrating  and accepting who we are.


Payment options
(please contact me with your time slot you wish to book for
either 11.30am or 7.30pm)

Option 1 : £159 full payment on booking the course via bank transfer

Option 2: 2 x installments of £82 (£159 + £5 admin fee) via paypal
                 Initial payment made on booking, with following
                 payment a month after.

Would you like more information?

To arrange a phone call please do so by contacting me via email or phone via the details below.


Why choose group Hypnosis, what are the benefits of hypnosis?

  • Hypnotherapy is a heightened state of awareness and you are in natural hypnosis several times a day, for example watching TV, driving a car on a familiar routine, reading a book, on your phone etc.


  • Hypnosis will work for anyone who wants to make these changes, is open and trusting in the process. Just embrace it!


  • Hypnosis is very much like guided relaxation with intentions, I give suggestions and ask you to visualise things but why???


  • Why do we relax you... to switch off your conscious part of your mind, to access your subconscious as this is where all your stored memories of experiences, feelings and behaviours are stored. Obviously these can then have a negative impact on our day to day lives, so we need to change that!!


  • There is a part of your mind that does not realise what is real and what's not, therefore when we are imagining something in hypnosis we are creating new neurological pathways so that when your conscious mind needs to draw back on your subconscious mind for past experiences it can now draw on this positive, confident one instead! AMAZING.


  • That's why hypnosis is amazing, it allows change to happen much quicker and easier.

This isn't like any other course you have seen or experienced before...

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