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Starts Wednesday 3rd November

How to love who you are and find your true self again with confidence and happiness.

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Reconnect and find yourself again

  • Experience group hypnotherapy at a reduced price!


  • Go from no belief or self love, to feeling happy, positive, confident in who you are.

  • Remove self hatred and feelings of being lost.


  • Find your inner peace and true identity once more

  • Allow yourself to believe, love and trust in yourself again.

You are worthy and truly amazing!

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What's included?

  • The course will be ran via zoom (it will also be recorded so that if you miss one session you will not miss out) ** However it is not recommended to listen to just the recordings, you will get the most out of this course attending all the sessions LIVE via zoom**

  • You will be part of a Facebook group where I will remind you of your homework to practice the tools and techniques I am teaching you as well as what we covered that week. We will celebrate wins and encourage and support each other, feeling part of a community and getting to know one another.

  • There is two options for sessions. They will run weekly every Wednesday at 11.30am or 7.30pm starting on the 3rd November. (two options available, choose your option on booking)

  • You will complete a questionnaire so that I can get to know all of you individually, your goals and where you are now.

BONUSES if you sign up before Monday 17th October:

  • 2 x relaxation recordings to support you between sessions. (WORTH £60)

  • A set of positive affirmation cards (£12)


What we will be covering within hypnosis and throughout the course:

  • Finding who you want to be and connecting with this person.

  • Learning to get rid of those limiting beliefs in yourself.

  • Thinking & feeling positively.

  • Embracing who we are and all that we are, including our imperfections.

  • Learning to be at one with yourself.

  • Celebrating  and accepting who we are.