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Abi Fenton Sitting cross legged in a Woodland with her eyes closed with her hands over her heart

Reiki Development
Circle (Online)

Stress melts, clarity blooms.
Find your sanctuary in our
welcoming Reiki Circle


Join now for just £33 per month

Reiki Development Circle is a Monthly Membership that helps:

Image graphic showing the outline of a human head with a heart growing as a flower with a pulse line going through it. The text reads 'Ignite your wellbeing'
Image graphic of a golden flame. The text reads 'Nurture your spirit'
An Image graphic of a cross legged human figure with a glow around them and a lotus flower at their heart. The text reads 'Nourish your soul'

Nurture Your Wellbeing with the Power of Distant Reiki Healing in the Reiki Circle

Reiki Circle Membership

Reiki Development Circle



Every month

6 month minimum commitment, with online support with your Reiki Journey

Valid until canceled

Seeking a sanctuary to authentically be yourself, release worries and experience the transformative power of Distant Reiki Healing? 


Look no further than the Reiki Development Circle. We are a welcoming community where you can receive Reiki energy online, connect with like-minded individuals, and embark on a path of personal growth and wellbeing.

Embrace the Calming Power of Distant Reiki Healing, Twice a Month.

Imagine yourself enveloped in the gentle embrace of Distant Reiki, twice a month in the comfort of your own home. These online sessions offer a profound opportunity to receive healing energy, promoting deep relaxation and a sense of renewed vitality. Let go of stress and worries, allowing yourself to bathe in the calming vibrations of Reiki.

The Benefits of Joining our Reiki Circle

Are you curious about Reiki, but unsure where to start? Perhaps you're seeking a supportive community and a way to experience the benefits of Reiki in a convenient and accessible format. The Reiki Circle welcomes you!

Abi Fenton standing in her healing room, she is wearing a white blouse with pink and blue flowers, she is smiling and behind her on the wall there is numerous certifications for Reiki and Hypnotherapy.

Here's what you can expect if you join the Reiki Development Circle:

  • Receive Reiki energy twice a month from the comfort of your home.

  • Connect with a supportive community and share your experiences.

  • Build confidence with expert guidance and drop-in sessions.

  • Explore your spiritual development through guest experts.

  • Enjoy flexibility and convenience: all sessions are online and recorded for later access.

Connect and Share Within the Reiki Circle

Alongside twice monthly online group Reiki healing sessions, our membership includes a monthly drop-in session hosted by me,  Abi on Tuesday lunchtimes.

This casual and supportive space allows you to connect with me, ask questions, and build your confidence in your Reiki and spiritual practice. Share your experiences, find encouragement, and simply be yourself in a warm and non-judgmental environment.

Find Encouragement & Explore Spirituality

Delve deeper into your understanding of Reiki and spiritual practice through occasional guest expert sessions, broadening your perspective and enriching your learning journey.

Connect with other members of the Circle in our vibrant members-only Facebook group. Share your experiences of receiving Distant Reiki, explore various aspects of Reiki and spirituality, and find encouragement, inspiration, and valuable connections within this supportive online space.

A pastel pink and purple background with white wings faded in. There are open hands at the bottom of the image which show the colours of the 7 chakras rising from them

More Reasons to Join The Reiki Development Circle

Enjoy the flexibility of online sessions, allowing you to participate from anywhere in the world. Whether you're on the go or prefer the comfort of your own home, the Circle makes receiving Distant Reiki Healing accessible and convenient. Never miss a session! All online sessions are recorded, ensuring you can access the valuable content even if you miss a live call.

Experience the lasting benefits of regularly receiving Distant Reiki. This practice fosters feelings of confidence, inner peace, and a deeper connection to your inner self, nurturing your well-being on multiple levels. Reduce stress, improve sleep, enhance emotional balance, and cultivate a renewed sense of vitality with the support of the Reiki Circle.

Ready to join a warm and welcoming community that celebrates your Reiki journey and empowers your holistic well-being? Sign up for the Reiki Circle today and take the first step towards a more connected, calm, and aligned you.

Reiki Development Circle



Every month

6 month minimum commitment, with online support with your Reiki Journey

Valid until canceled

Abi Fenton smiling whilst sitting at her computer


Thank you! I just love having somewhere I feel I can ask things that I wouldn't ask a lot of my friends, somewhere I don't feel like I'm being judged for posting something a bit 'weird' or asking something unusual - somewhere we all get each other.

Reiki Development Circle Member

Looking for more Reiki?

An image graphic showing verctor art of a person receiving Reiki with a hand over their head. The text says 'One to One Reiki in Leeds'

Experience the power of one to one Reiki at my comfortable Reiki healing room in Leeds. Feel your stress melt away and let the calmness take over.

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Vector art of two hands facing each other with 3 wavy lines between them. The text says 'Group Reiki in Person'

Bathe in the shared energy of a group Reiki healing experience. Connect with like-minded women and awaken your inner power in this immersive spiritual journey.

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Vector art of a forrest. The text says 'Reiki in the Woods'

 Escape to a serene woodland haven for grounding meditation, personalised Reiki healing, and fireside gatherings with like-minded souls.

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A lady laying down with her eyes closed under a blanket receiving Reiki

How would you like to Learn Reiki?

If the Reiki Development Circle membership appeals to you and feel the call to deepen your understanding and practice, the world of Reiki training awaits you!


Explore the potential to become a Reiki practitioner yourself, with the ability to channel this beautiful healing energy for yourself and others. Whether you're completely new to Reiki and eager to start with Level 1, or you're ready to progress further along your journey, I offer tailored training options to support your personal growth.

Reiki Development Circle FAQ's

  • When are all the calls?
    The two distance Reiki Calls will be on Wednesday's at 9.30am or 6.30pm. The Mentoring Call will alternate between a day and evening call every other month, days to be confirmed but most likely they would be on Tuesday or Wednesday. Moon card reading sessions will be held accordingly to the moon.
  • How much support will I get from Abi?
    Abi will be in the private Facebook group daily helping to answer and questions, encouraging and supporting you all as much as she can. Plus the monthly mentoring call will be an opportunity to get even more support.
  • I have a questions that has not been answered on here.
    You can email me to organise a call to discuss any other questions. via this email
  • I am not trained in Reiki is this group for me?
    YES absolutely, this community is not just for those trained in Reiki but also for those who love to receive Reiki and want it to be part of their lives and to learn more about how it can support them in life. Plus you will develop your own personal and spiritual journey just being in this group.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about my Reiki Distant Healing Development Circle membership. To join up, please click on the button below.

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