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Bring peace within during these difficult times.

With everything going on in the world today, a lot of stress and anxiety will be brewing. Fear! Our mental health will be trying to surface.

I know I am feeling it and having to do a lot of self care, meditations and grounding to help me druing this time.

I was really drawn to writing this blog today as I know many people will be feeling the same as me, however you may just be lost knowing what to do to help yourself.

Fear, worry, stress all activates our natural fight, flight response, releaseing cortisol and increasing that heart rate and breathing as well as so much more (but that is another blog).

We need to remember that it's OK to feel these feelings, quite often I hear people saying you need to detach yourself from these feeling, you shouldn't be feeling like this!

In some form we could agree HOWEVER everyone is allowed to feel these emotions, they are normal responses from our mind, body and soul.

The difference is how we deal with these feeling.

Do we let the stress, anxiety, fear influence us day to day.

Or do we feel them, but keep them in a place where we are okay to get on with our day to day lives.

Fear, stress and anxiety allows us to think and act. It is also a reminder to look after yourself.

I am spending more time at the moment giving myself self care, meditations, just stillness and getting outdoors.

So when you feel those feeling anytime at the moment, please do not feel this is not good, that it is not healthy.

It is healthy for us to feel anything. It is how we respond to these feelings.

My tip would be to be more present.

As hard as it is at the moment, what is happening in the Ukraine and with Russia, we can't do much to change the situation except help and support those who are fleeing etc.

What we can do is look after ourselves and our family by remaining calm and at peace with ourselves so that we can explain the situation to our younger family in a calming way.

The last thing as parents is that we often don't want our children to see us worried to prevent them from worrying. However as I say many times, it is ok for them to know you are worried too, but then it's bringing it back and talking about what we can do for ourselves and those we can support.

So I would highly suggest when you notice those anxious, stressed feeling please take a moment out. What ever you are doing. Closing your eyes and just bringing your attention to your breath is so powerful.

Also imagining that you are grounded to the Earth with roots can help you feel more secure and safe.

Take a listen to my free 5 min relaxation to help you too.

Do what ever helps you to feel calm, it might be going for a walk, having a bath, colouring, or crocheting, even cooking. What ever works for you, make sure you take time to do it at this time.

Please do reach out and ask for help if you need it. I offer FREE telpehone consultations, so I am always happy to chat.

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