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How Reiki Has Changed My Life

So today I wanted to share my story of Reiki.

I have to admit I was sceptical at first!

I know! How many of you are sceptical at the moment?

So yea I received Reiki years ago, probably 10 plus years ago, to support my anxiety and mental health that I was struggling with.

It wasn't the first therapy I received but I trusted my therapist who recommended it to me.

And wow! I didn't look back.

I still was unsure about how to explain it and to understand it but I saw, felt and experienced the amazing benefits and I guess when you experience something that is so powerful and supports you at that time, who wouldn't come back for more.

Don't forget you can try Reiki for FREE as a group online, register here, or in person on Wednesdays and Friday. Again find out more here to come and try!

Anyway I digress, I am good at that!!

I began to receive it regularly, about once a month. Plus my therapist also recommended that I took part in the Level 1 Reiki Training. This was so that I could use Reiki for myself to support me at home with my anxiety.

This was truly amazing, I love learning about new things and the training just changed my life.

Not just due to the energy work, which Reiki is.

But also the way of life, that it encourages and how working with the energy changes your perception of the world etc.

If you would be interested in learning Reiki for yourself to help support you with your mental wellbeing, I have only 2 spaces left on my next training day on 5th May 9.30am-3pm. Again check out more info here or email me any questions.

Time went on and I left my job as a teacher as I had learnt to listen within to what was right and to trust in myself more and feel confident enough to leave I did, probably all due to Reiki too.

Anyway I didn't initially start my therapy business, I was a childminder originally until I trained in reflexology and then Reiki in 2018 as a therapist! Since then I have loved giving Reiki treatments.

The most common reaction / word when people come round at the end of their first session is WOW!

Yes it truly is amazing, and difficult to describe, that's why I recommend you come and try it for yourself. Either as a 121 session or as a group as mentioned above.

Plus last year becoming a Master Teacher has just been amazing, why??? Because I get to share how amazing this therapy is with others and show them that they can also connect with it too.

Seeing my students confidence, trust in themselves and self worth grow is just so special and I cannot thank them enough for choosing me to be their Master Teacher.

So.... there we go! Reiki has been a huge part of my life and really allowed me to become the confident, self loving, worthy person I truly believe I am!

If you would like to learn Reiki for yourself, don't forget out training day on 5th May.

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