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Are you ready to wake up full of energy and able to focus on tasks due to the most amazing nights sleep you have had in a long time!

If you struggle to get to sleep or wake through the night and struggle to get back off, this ultimate sleep bundle is just what you need!

The Ultimate sleep bundle will include:

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Abi Fenton
Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and IEMT Practitioner & Reiki Healer

Abi has worked with 100's of clients helping and supporting them with their mindset. Often one of the symptoms of this is lack or poor sleep. 

Abi has helped and supported her clients to create positive healthy sleep routines and taught many techniques to help clients to help and support them long term.

Today she is sharing all her knowledge in this epic, 'Ultimate Sleep Bundle'

Work your way through this 4 week programme to support your sleep for the long term. 

  • The Sleep Bundle

    Create your ultimate nights sleep.
    • Ultimate night sleep Masterclass
    • 2 x workbooks
    • 6 x Meditations and Hypnotherapy sessions
    • 4 weeks worth of sessions included
Sleep bundle
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