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Children's mental health week, how can we support our children.

Have a guess at what average age mental illness can form for life?

50% of cases begin at 14years old and 75% by the age of 24.

So many things can fact into how mental health illnesses begin, these could include:

Bullying / discrimination

Traumatic events

Relationship with parents / upbringing

Peer influences / pressure

Poor relationships with teachers

Disadvantaged background

Neglect / abuse

Academic difficulties

Support network

So how can we support our child?

Good communication between us, chatting and asking them how they got on at school, being open and honest.

Letting your child see you being upset, cross angry, allowing them seeing your emotions allows them to know it is ok to express emotions and we can then deal with them together.

Celebrating achievements how big or small.

Being positive, bring good things out of any situation.

Affection and support as a parent, but also structured discipline / rules so they know where they are. If your forever changing boundaries this can be confusing for your child.

Good relationship with school and teachers so that you can communicate any concerns you may have. Do not feel you are the awkward parent, you are supporting your child and if you do not say anything how can school support you and your child.

Have fun together, bring out your inner child.

Be create and be open, when your being creative together to show it’s okay to talk about these things.

Get active together, have fun playing football together, running, dancing, swimming, gymnastics anything. Show them mummy and daddy love to be active to.

Set by example… your children just wants to be like you… they pick up on the smallest of things. So if you struggle with lack of confidence, self esteem, anxiety, depression, sleep anything. Look after yourself as well. Maybe check out some of my guided relaxation sessions on my website to give some time for yourself.

I also offer FREE consultation if you would like to see how I can support you or your child.

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