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The Reiki Development Circle

Come and join our welcoming community for just £33 / MONTH

Be part of a community of like minded people to support you along your Reiki Journey.

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I want you to feel supported and uplifted, making Reiki part of your life.

Whether you're a newcomer embarking on your Level 1 or 2 Reiki journey, or an experienced Master seeking a supportive community of fellow Reiki enthusiasts.


Or perhaps you simply relish the soothing benefits of Reiki and wish to receive it regularly, all while being part of an uplifting, judgment-free environment that celebrates your love for all things 'woo-woo'.

Come and discover the potential of Reiki and its positive impact on your life, all while surrounded by a supportive community of like-minded individuals.

Join our vibrant Reiki Development Circle community today and take the next step in your journey towards well-being and self-discovery. Embrace the support, knowledge, and positive energy that await you. Click the link below to become a valued member of our community and unlock the benefits of Reiki with us.

Discover Your Reiki Sanctuary:
6 Reasons Why You Should Join The Reiki Development Circle:

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Reiki Lovers of All Levels: Whether you're a beginner starting your Reiki journey, someone who just enjoys receiving Reiki or an experienced Master, our community welcomes individuals at all stages of their Reiki journey.
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Knowledge Sharing: Engage in enriching discussions and learning opportunities with fellow Reiki lovers, expanding your understanding of energy healing and holistic wellness.
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Supportive and Inclusive Environment: Join a warm and accepting community where you won't feel judged for your interest in all aspects of Reiki and spiritual or holistic practices; instead, you'll feel a warm of love, laughter and excitement. 
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Confidence and Empowerment: Be part of an energizing space that boosts your confidence and empowers you on your personal and spiritual journey.
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Regular Reiki Sessions: Enjoy the benefits of frequent Distance Reiki sessions and the opportunity to receive healing energy regularly, promoting personal and spiritual development.
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Community Connection: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for Reiki, forming meaningful connections and lasting friendships.

So what's included in the Reiki Development Circle?

As a valued member of our community, you'll enjoy a comprehensive package that encompasses:

  • Two Revitalizing Distance Reiki Sessions: Experience the profound healing energy of Reiki with two sessions included each month.

  • Online Reiki Share: Receive guidance to deepen your Reiki practice and enhance your holistic wellness journey. As well as sharing Reiki together as a community.

  • Exclusive Facebook Community: Join our supportive and vibrant Facebook group, connecting with fellow members and accessing additional resources.

All sessions will take place on zoom allowing us all to connect on a deeper level, regardless of where we are in the world. 


Would you like to Learn Reiki alongside being part of the Reiki Development Circle?


Meet Abi Fenton

Abi is not only a Reiki Master Teacher and Hypnotherapist but also possesses a diverse toolkit of mindset-enhancing techniques. Her mission is to empower individuals to embrace their true selves, fostering a life that aligns with their authentic essence.

With a profound passion for helping others, Abi is dedicated to ensuring that people no longer need to conceal their true selves or wear masks. Having personally struggled with anxiety since 2010, Abi embarked on holistic therapy training in 2017 to assist hundreds of clients over the past five and a half years.

Becoming a Reiki Master in 2022 further fueled Abi's commitment to provide long-term support for her clients and students. She places a strong emphasis on sustained assistance and accountability, focusing on lasting transformation rather than short-term gains.

What sets Abi apart is her genuine care and empathy for your unique journey. She offers a warm, down-to-earth approach, providing positive guidance and unwavering support every step of the way.


Check out what others say about working with me.

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Book onto the Reiki Development Circle Plus Add on 6 month payment plans to learn Usui / Holy Fire® Reiki Levels 1, 2 and Masters. 

Book onto the course now and choose your payment options. 
  • Membership

    Every month
    6 month minimum commitment, with online support with your Reiki Journey
    • 1 x Online Group Reiki sessions a month
    • 1 x Holy Fire Reiki Experience a month
    • 1 x Online Lunch time catch up call
    • Facebook Community Group
Energy andMinset Hub
  • When are all the calls?
    The two distance Reiki Calls will be on Wednesday's at 9.30am or 6.30pm. The Mentoring Call will alternate between a day and evening call every other month, days to be confirmed but most likely they would be on Tuesday or Wednesday. Moon card reading sessions will be held accordingly to the moon.
  • How much support will I get from Abi?
    Abi will be in the private Facebook group daily helping to answer and questions, encouraging and supporting you all as much as she can. Plus the monthly mentoring call will be an opportunity to get even more support.
  • I have a questions that has not been answered on here.
    You can email me to organise a call to discuss any other questions. via this email
  • I am not trained in Reiki is this group for me?
    YES absolutely, this community is not just for those trained in Reiki but also for those who love to receive Reiki and want it to be part of their lives and to learn more about how it can support them in life. Plus you will develop your own personal and spiritual journey just being in this group.
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