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How running has helped my mental health and my plans for raising money for in May.

Running for

‘Miles for Mind’

Many of you may know that I love to get out and run for mind as well as my physical health.

From being diagnosed with anxiety over 10 years ago, one of the resources I have used to support my mental health alongside my regular treatment sessions has been exercise, either running or bootcamps.

In February I took part in Miles for Mind and ran 50.4miles. I did this initially to give myself a goal, something to work towards, to get me back into a routine of running again.

I always feel that making yourself accountable and signing up to something really pushes me to achieve something.

Running and any form of exercise is so good for the mind, I enjoy running around our local RSPCB St. Aidens Nature reserve which is just over from the river from us.

Surrounding yourself with nature and being outdoors is also so good for the mind, for me it brings a sense of calmness within, listening to the bird call, the sound of water and pounding the ground is just pure bliss.

Other benefits that also link to being out in nature include:

· improve your mood

· reduce feelings of stress or anger

· help you take time out and feel more relaxed

· improve your physical health

· improve your confidence and self-esteem

· help you be more active

· help you make new connections

· provide peer support.

I also find that this time out running allows me be more mindful, appreciating the little things in life, which we often forget.

Seeing the amazing benefits of being outdoors and running I have set myself the challenge of completing the Miles for Mind Spring Challenge in May of running 75 miles! This is going to be a push so I wanting to make it big and get as many sponsorship's as possible and raise as much money for as possible.

Mental Health awareness week is also falling in May so May is a BIG month for me! I have lots planned, including working with other local small business to raise as much money as possible.

So far to raise money for the Mind Charity, I am hoping to:

· run 75miles,

· create a raffle with local businesses donating prizes,

· create some motivational slogan t-shirts (profits going to

· 10% of every treatment I do in May will go to

· Plus my Facebook group ‘The Calm Mind Community (Abi’s Antidote to Anxiety)' will also be taking part in their own personal challenges to increase self-care and get sponsored for doing so.

· Plus maybe more to come…

If you would like to get involved in raising money for Mind Chairty in May; join my Facebook 'The Calm Mind Community (Abi's Antidote to Anxiety) group for support and advice; donate to the raffle; or even sponsoring me please contact me and we can discuss thing further.

Here is a link to my fundraising page I have set up, in anticipation for the event. Where our Target is to Raise £1000 pounds for Mind Charity!

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